University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences (BOKU), Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG), Austria

BOKU-IHG has an interdisciplinary team consisting of biologists, stream ecologists, landscape ecologists, river engineers, geographers and scientific data management. The institute is engaged in a number of disciplines including conservation of aquatic biota, river restoration, environmental planning, environmental impact assessment, habitat modelling, river classification, river typology, ecology of aquatic organisms, fisheries management and aquaculture, water quality assessment methods and aspects of ecological integrity. Experts of IHG are experienced in managing and coordinating large international multi-partner projects, designing of monitoring programs, field and laboratory processing, developing assessment methods, transferring results into measurements and analysing socio-economic implications.

Team members:

  • Wolfram Graf is assistant professor at BOKU. His main field of research is on hydrobiology, entomology (caddisflies and stoneflies) and aquatic bioassessment.
    He is the project coordinator of LARIMA.
  • Otto Moog was professor at BOKU (retired) and used to be the Head of working group on benthic ecology and ecological status assessment. His scientific expertise comprises biological water quality analysis, benthic invertebrates, river typology and bioindicators.
  • Herwig Waidbacher is the Head of the Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment at BOKU. His scientific expertise comprises fish ecology, tropic river ecology, fisheries and fish production and tropical aquaculture.
  • Ilse Schwarzinger is Senior Scientist at BOKU and the project mangager of Larima. She is the Head of the working group on benthic ecology and ecological status assessment. She primarly works in the field of hydrobiology, aquatic bioassessment and project management.
  • Astrid Schmidt- Kloiber is Senior Scientist at BOKU. Her main research fields are freshwater ecology, database management, statistical analysis and benthic invertebrates. 
  • Manfred Jäch is scientific curator of World Water Beetle Collection & Research Centre at the Natural Museum of Vienna. He works in the fields of taxonomy and biodiversity of water beetles worldwide.
  • Anne Hartmann is Senior Scientist at BOKU. She mainly works in the field of freshwater ecology, benthic invertebrates, assessment systems, and water right conformable macroinvertebrate screening-method.
  • Paul Meulenbroek is scientist and fish expert at BOKU. His main research fields are fish-ecology, aquatic ecology, taxonomy, fish ecological status assessment, fish larvae, DNA-barcoding, river restoration, fish migration facilities, fish sampling and monitoring
Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research at National Fishery and Aquatic Life Research Center (EIAR- NFALRC), Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) is a Federal institute mandated to conduct, coordinate and direct agricultural research nationwide. The research wing led by deputy director general is divided into five research directorates namely, crop, livestock, forestry, soil and water, agricultural mechanization and research extension directorates. The practical research projects and activities are accomplished in the 16 research centres established all over the country representing major agro-ecologies. Among these centers, National Fishery and Aquatic Life Research Centre (NFALRC) is nationally mandated to conduct and coordinate research and extension activities related with fishery and aquatic ecosystems. Researchers of NFALRC involved in this project are experienced and specialized in different areas including in lake limnology, fisheries, aquaculture, socio- economic linkages, aquatic pollution, and integrated agriculture - aquaculture systems.


Team members

  • Aschalew Lakew Haile completed his doctoral studies on Natural Resources and Life Sciences at BOKU in 2014. He holds the position of Fish and other Aquatic lives Director at the EIAR- NFALRC. His main scientific interests lie in the fields of river ecology, benthic macroinvertebrates, fish and climate change. He is the national project coordinator for Ethiopia and contact person for the EIAR team.
  • Zenebe Tadesse Seifu is Senior Researcher at the EIAR- NFALRC. His main field of research is on the fish biology, fish nutrition and lake ecology.
  • Hiwot Teshome is Assistant Researcher at the EIAR- NFALRC. She works in the field of  Agricultural Economics, Extension and Gender Research.
  • Fasil Degefu completed his doctoral studies on phycology at the University of Vienna in 2014. He is now Assisstant researcher at the EIAR- NFALRC  working on limnology and nutrient dynamics.
  • Genanaw Tesfaye is Assistant Researcher at the IAR- NFALRC. His scientific interest is primary the taxonomy of fish as well as phytoplankton, zooplankton and benthic invertebrates. 
Ambo University (AU), Biology department

Ambo University is one of the universities among 33 universities, which are found in Ethiopia. It was newly reorganised and officially named as Ambo University in 2009. Like all universities in Ethiopia, Ambo University was mandated to give high quality standard education, conducting research and community service. Currently, the University runs 9 graduate and 39 undergraduate programs which are divided into 9 colleges and 38 academic departments. Natural and computational science college is one of the colleges, which comprise 6 academic departments. Biology is one the departments, which is running applied Biology at undergraduate level, Aquaculture & Fisheries and Environmental science at MSc level. In this project, the department of Biology will contribute to the project through participating in chapter module preparation, arranging MSc programs and students affiliated with this project, arranging courses for guest lecturers and conduct research activities with partners. In addition, the university has good experiences in the area of agriculture, fisheries science, environmental pollution, watershed management, socio-economics, cooperatives and rural development management. Therefore, the inclusion of respective expertise from natural and social sciences will help to provide more technically demand oriented training. The team members involved in this project have specialised in watershed management, entomology, aquatic microbiology, botany, conservation and management of natural resource, fishery science, taxonomy, and wetland management.

Team members

  • Asefa Keneni is assisstant professor at Ambo University. His teaches and researches on microbiology. He is the contact person for the Ambo team. 
  • Geda Kebede is PhD candidate within the LARIMA-project (scholarship holder of APPEAR). He is the former Head of the Biology department at Ambo University. His main focus is on microbiology. 
  • Lakew Wondimu is the the Vice President of Ambo University and lecturer. He mainly works in the field of zoology (fish) and entomology.
  • Alemayehu Negassa is currently  Head of the Biology department at Ambo University. He works on watershed management, fishery and water quality. 
  • Esayas Aga is assistant professor at Ambo University. He is lecturer of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution courses in the Department of Biology.
  • Wagari Shore is the Head of Department of Economics at Ambo University. He is teaching and researching in the field of Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management.